Marilita Moschos - IOIS 2021 Local Organizer

of a Scientific Session at IOIS 2021

The role of the moderator is of prime importance: he/she is temporarily leading the congress. As IOIS is a virtual congress the tasks of moderator is slightly different than what you might be used to for a LIVE congress. 

In order to assist with your task as moderator, we kindly ask you to follow below guidelines:

  • Preparing your session:
    1. Make sure all your speakers have received the instructions.
    2. Familiarise yourself with your session: room, day and time of your session. Note: all indicated times are in Greece Time Zone Eastern European Time (EET) (UTC+02:00)
    3. Encourage the speakers to participate in the speakers rehearsal session, to make sure they are familiar with the platform. Rehearsal dates and times are indicated in the guidelines for speakers
      A invitation email with a link to the rehearsal session will be send to the speakers a few days before the session.
    4. participate in at least one of the moderators rehearsal session, you will be able to familiarise yourself with the platform and you be able to ask any question you may have on how to chair your session. 3 rehearsal sessions for moderators are scheduled.
      - November 30 – 10:00am-11:00am
      - November 30 – 13:00pm-14:00pm
      - November 30 – 18:00pm-19:00pm
      A invitation email with a link to the rehearsal session will be send to you a few days before the session.
  • Before the start of the session 
  1. Co-ordinate your approach to the session with your fellow moderator.
  2. Please make sure you are logged into the virtual platform at least 10minutes before the start of the session and check if all your speakers are present. You might need to contact missing speakers.
  3. The moderator briefly welcomes the participants and introduce the session theme and the co-moderator(s) and speakers (LIVE).
  4. Inform the participants they can ask questions during the presentations through the chat function and whcih will be answered during the LIVE Q&A. 
  5. All speakers have been asked to supply a pre-recorded video, the technician of your session will start the recordings after your welcome / intro of the session. 
  • During the session
    1. Start Q&A once all pre-recordings have been completed.  Try to have at least one question prepared if no questions are asked by the audience. 
    2. The moderator(s) decide which questions will be answered and by which speaker.
    3. Keep track of the session time - all sessions have 45 minutes to cover the pre-recordings and Q&A this allows the participants to have a quick coffee break or to change room for the next sessions they want to participate in.
  • End of the session
    1. Announce that the session is finished and thank the participants for attending your session.

All speakers have to supply pre-recorded videos and are expected to be at the session when it is being streamed and ready for answering questions for the LIVE Q&A at the end of the session. 

May we also remind you of the rule, as stated in the initial invitation letter, that all speakers and chairs have to be a 2021 IOIS paid member and all speakers must register for the congress (registration is free for members).