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TitleClinical profile and treatment outcome of Sympathetic Ophthalmia in Eastern India
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PurposeTo describe the clinical profile of patients with Sympathetic Ophthalmia presenting to a tertiary referral eye care centre in Eastern India
MethodsA retrospective observational case series of 31 patients with Sympathetic Ophthalmia between January 2009 and December 2017.
Results22 (71%) out of 31 patients were males. Mean age of presentation was 32.48 years. 71% of patients were less than 40 years of age. 21 patients had a previous history of open globe injury and 10 were post intraocular surgery. 4 patients had already undergone evisceration at the time of presentation. Mean duration between trauma or surgery in the affected eye and onset of symptoms in the sympathising eye was 83.33 months and the mean duration of presentation was 31 days. Pre-treatment vision (in LogMAR) in the sympathising eye was 1.29 +/- 1.27 which improved to 0.72 +/- 1.23 post-treatment . Most common symptom was diminution of vision (100%). Most common anterior segment sign was granulomatous uveitis (77%). 74% had vitreous cells, 58% had hyperemic disc and 48% had exudative retinal detachment. 25 patients (80.6%) were treated with topical, intravenous and oral steroids along with immunosuppressives and the rest were put on topical and systemic steroids. 18 patients (58 %) had a relapse of inflammation during their follow-up. Mean duration of follow-up was 34.25 months.
ConclusionSympathetic Ophthalmia is a potentially visually devastating condition affecting people in their most productive years. It needs prompt diagnosis and adequate treatment in view of recurrences.
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