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TitleRetinal complications among uveitis patients - a population-based study
PurposeTo evaluate the incidence and risk factors for developing retinal complications in uveitis patients in Taiwan
MethodsA million registered beneficiaries were randomly selected from the National Health Insurance Research Database. All new uveitis patients between 2002 and 2011 were identified. Retinal complications were identified based on ICD-9 codes. Clinical and demographic factors were analyzed to explore the risk factors for incidence of these retinal complications.
ResultsThere were totally 10,936 uveitis patients identified. Of these, 81.2% were anterior uveitis, 0.2% ntermediate uveitis, 5.9% posterior uveitis, and 12.8% pan-uveitis. 2.4% of them have been diagnosed as retinal hole, pucker, or retinal detachment after the diagnosis of uveitis.
Multivariate analysis showed that patients with older age, posterior and pan-uveitis were significant risk factors for developing these complications. Among these patients, 23% have received vitrectomy. Patients with pan-uveitis have the higher chance for receiveing surgery of these complications. We also found a significantly increasing trend in the proportion of patients who received vitrectomy within 1 year after the diagnosis of complications.
ConclusionAlthough retinal complications rarely happened in the first few years after uveitis occurred, a quarter of them may need surgical treatment. Clinicians should follow up retina and macular carefully in elder patients and those whose uveitis mainly involve posterior segment of eye.
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