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Title Ocular syphilis and the trend of syphilis in Taiwan. A Long-term multicenter retrospective study
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PurposeTo analyze the characteristics of ocular syphilis and the trend of syphilis in Taiwan.
MethodsRetrospective analysis of the ocular syphilis was carried out in two tertiary referral centers (TTH and TSGH) from 2009-2018. The number of reported syphilis cases to Taiwan Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) was reviewed as well from 2001-2018.
ResultsThe reported case numbers with syphilis in Taiwan CDC increased from 4158 at 2001, 6668 at 2009, to 9808 cases at 2018. There were 19 cases (27 eyes) were diagnosed as ocular syphilis in two referral centers from 2009-2018. Patients were mainly male (16 cases; 84.2%). Median age was 47.3 (19-81) years. Posterior uveitis was the commonest manifestation, seen in (17 eyes; 62.9%), and isolated scleritis was uncommon (3.7%). Co-infection with human immunodeficiency virus(HIV) was found in 16 patients (84.2%), and disc involvement was observed in 11 out of 16 patients. Ocular inflammation in all cases resolved after treatment except one patient. However, 3 cases revealed poor visual outcome (LP, NLP) in the patients with optic nerve involvement.
ConclusionSyphilis rapidly increase and that remain an issue in Taiwan public health. Besides, ocular syphilis demonstrated highly correlated with HIV infection that often reveal disc involvement in Taiwan Chinese. Moreover, HIV may acceleration syphilis progression. Careful diagnosis and prompt treatment are necessary.
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