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TitleIntravitreal Aflibercept as the Adjuvant Therapy of Presumed Primary Uveal Melanoma - Case report
PurposeTo report a case of presumed primary uveal melanoma.
MethodsInterventional case report.
ResultsThis is a 74-year-old female who complained of blurred vision in the right eye for 6 months. Her BCVA was 0.1. Fundus autofluorescence showed hypo-autofluorescent appearance and OCT demonstrated subretinal fluid and marked retinal edema. FA showed hypofluorescent in the early phase and heterogeneously hyperfluorescent in the late phase. B-scan showed a dome-shaped lesion with a medium-to-high homogeneous reflectivity and a high height to base ratio. A choroidal tumor was suspected, so she was referred to the oncologist and systemic malignancy had ruled out. MRI showed a T1 moderately high signal and T2 moderately low signal mass lesion. Enhancement with gadolinium contrast was noted. Choroidal melanoma was suspected. Transpupillary thermotherapy and 3 weekly 4mg intravitreal bevacizumab were performed. Only slightly less retinal edema was noted. The subretinal fluid persisted. Confluent transpupillary thermotherapy and 2 weekly intravitreal 4 mg aflibercept were performed. Retinal edema and subretinal fluid subsided markedly. Her vision improved to 0.8. The macula had remained fluid-free for 3 months; however, the mass persisted.
ConclusionIntravitreal aflibercept could be considered as the adjuvant therapy of presumed primary uveal melanoma. More cases and longer follow-up are mandatory.
Conflict of interestNo
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