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TitleTwo cases of tattoo associated uveitis
Purposeto report two cases of tattoo associated uveitis; one associated with sarcoidosis and the other one with no systemic association.
MethodsA 30 year old lady presented with decreased visual acuity in both eyes. In examination, there was a low grade anterior cell reaction in both eyes and optic disc leakage and some peripheral vascular leakage in fluorescein angiography. (figure 1) Upon examination, there was erythema and injection in the location of her tattooed eyebrow. (figure 2) Skin biopsy revealed non-caseating granuloma suggestive of sarcoidosis. Rheumatology workup for unrevealing for sarcoidosis.
Case 2: a 62 year old lady presented with dry eye symptoms and no complaint of visual decline. She had 0.5+ cell in anterior chamber and vitreous in both eyes in addition to optic disc and macular leakage in both eyes. (figure 3) VA was 10/10 in both eyes. There was a granuloma like lesions in the location of tattoo of left eyebrow. (figure 4) Biopsy of skin lesion revealed non caseating granuloma and chest x-ray demonstrated bilateral hilar lymphadenopathy. Her condition improved with weekly methotrexate.
ResultsInk of tattoo can trigger a hypersensitivity reaction presenting as uveitis. Pathology is compatible with non-caseating granuloma.
ConclusionTattoo associated uveitis can present in the setting of sarcoidosis or as an isolated entity.
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