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TitleRetinitis pigmentosa associated with uveitis, the case series
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PurposeTo report seven cases of retinitis pigmentosa (RP) associated with uveitis.
MethodsThe period of the study was 2 years. Study was a non-controlled case series, consecutive 173 RP patients presented to the Uveitis Department of our Institute. RP patients with coexisted uveitis signs underwent examination for revealing uveitis etiology, such as syphilis serology, HLA-B27, ANA screen, chest x-ray, brain MRI, rheumatologist consultation.
ResultsAmong 173 RP patients 7 patients (4 males, 3 females) had signs of intermediate uveitis and 3 of them also have signs of slight anterior uveitis. In addition to classic picture of RP, patients had NIH criteria for vitreous cells 1+or2+, and for vitreous haze 0,5+or 1+. 5 patients had cystoids macular edema (CME), of these 1 patients also had optic nerve drusen with papilledema. All patients had neither acute onset of a floaters and blurred vision nor acute onset of deterioration in central vision. The oftalmalgia was absent. 1 female without CME had positive rheumatologic family history. Additional examination revealed HLA-B27 positivity in 5 patients (2 males, 3 females). After appointment to rheumatologist 1 man and 1 female were made diagnosis ankylosing spondylitis of low activity, another cases were considered as HLA-B27 positive uveitis. Remaining two cases we considered as either idiopathic uveitis or pronounced inflammatory component of RP.
ConclusionPossibility of HLA-B27 association should be considered in RP patients with uveitis signs in spite of sex, absence of acute onset uveitic complaints and systemic complaints.
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