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TitleMicroperimetry in visual function monitoring in patients with Behcet uveitis
PurposeTo evaluate the change in time in visual acuity, central macular thickness (CMT) and microperimetry (MP) findings in patients with Behcet uveitis who were in remission with maintenance therapy.
Methods45 eyes of 25 patients with Behcet uveitis who had clinically and angiographically inactive disease were involved in this retrospective study. Treatment modalities were obtained from the patient files. Best corrected visual acuity (BCVA) and CMT which were evaluated at six-month intervals were recorded. Macular integrity index, average threshold and fixation stability (P1 and P2) results were obtained from the microperimetry results performed at six-month interval.
ResultsMaintenance therapy included interferon alpha in 12 patients (48%), cyclosporine in 7 patients (33.3%), azathioprine in 8 patients (32%) and infliximab and azathioprine combination in 4 patients (16%). The mean duration of treatment of all patients was 16.1 months (range: 7-32 months). The mean BCVAs were 0.42 logMAR at baseline and 0.40 logMAR at six months (p>0.05). The mean CMT did not change significantly after six months (215 micrometer at baseline and 210 micrometer at six months). Although, the mean macular integrity index and fixation stability values (P1, P2) showed no significant difference after six months, the mean average threshold increased significantly (16.8 dB at baseline and 19.3 dB at six months) (p<0.001).
ConclusionBCVA, macular integrity index and fixation stability results are not sufficent for visual function follow-up. However, average threshold can be used as a more sensitive parameter to monitor Behcet uveitis patients with low visual acuity.
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