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TitlePattern of retinal vasculitis at a tertiary referral hospital in Taiwan
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PurposeTo describe the clinical profile with retinal vasculitis (RV) at a tertiary referral hospital in Taiwan.
MethodsA retrospective chart review of patients in uveitis registry between Jul 2013 and Jul 2018.
ResultsAmong 428 uveitis patients, 80 (18.7%) cases associated with RV. Among them, 53 (66.3%) presented with phlebitis, 19(23.8%) involved both artery and vein, and 8(10.0%) had isolated arteritis. RV predominantly occurred when the uveitis involved the posterior segment (75/138 (54.3%) versus 5/290 (1.7%) uveitis without posterior segment involvement, p<0.01). Fifty-three cases (67.1%) of RV were identified on the clinical perivascular sheathing, including 4 nodular sheathing. Twenty-six (32.9%) cases were diagnosed with fluorescein angiography. Among the fluorescein angiography characteristics, 71 cases (98.6%) showed vascular staining/leakage, which included 40 diffuse leakage and 31 segmental leakage.
The most common identified three diagnosis of RV cases were sarcoidosis (25.0%), CMV retinitis (10.0%), and ARN (5.0%), MEWDS/PIC complex (5.0%). The presence of RV signified the lower rate of undifferentiated uveitis (p=0.02). The presence of RV also signified the higher rate of infectious uveitis (p<0.01).
ConclusionIn our series, nearly one-fifth of cases associated with RV. Cases of uveitis with posterior segment involvement were more likely to present with RV. We demonstrated the most common causes of RV. When RV was present, meticulous identification of underlying diseases should be performed. Differentiation between arterial and venous involvement is crucial since the profiles provide a relevant guide to clinical management.
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