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TitleA case of Propionibacterium acnes related scleral buckle infection with secondary endophthalmitis
PurposeTo report a case of scleral buckle infection related to Propionibacterium acnes
Methodsa case report
ResultsA 67 year old man presented with indolent right eye pain and blurred vision for five days. Clinical findings of the right eye included inferior injection of conjunctiva and sclera, mild to moderate inflammation in anterior chamber and vitreous opacity. Decreased best corrected visual acuity (20/50) and normal intraocular pressure (12 mmHg) of the right eye were also noted at the initial presentation. He had past history of retinal detachment post scleral buckling and cataract surgery of the right eye more than ten years ago. Intraocular antibiotics with a combination of vancomycin and ceftazidime was done initially following by treatment of frequent topical steroid eyedrops. However, the intraocular inflammation improved in the initial few days and worsed thereafter. Subconjunctival pus formation was noted in the consecutive days. P. acnes was isolated and oral cephalexin, doxycycline and clindamycin were given in the following one month. After treatment, the intraocular inflammation of the right eye disappeared first and then followed by best corrected visual acuity of the right eye recovering to 20/25 without buckle removal.
ConclusionPropionibacterium acnes related buckle infection is characterized by a chronic indolent course. This condition can be improved by oral antibiotics without buckle explantation.
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