IOIS Section Dry Eye - Dry eye: A multifaceted ocular surface disease

IOIS Section: Dry Eye
IOIS section session
Wednesday 13 November 2019, 14:00 - 15:15, Hall 2 - 304b (200)
Christophe BAUDOUIN, Shiuh-Liang HSU
 14:00Inflammatory mechanisms in dry eye LEONARDI A
 14:12Dry eye disease: the quest for biomarkers BAUDOUIN C
 14:24Neuropathic corneal pain HAMRAH P
 14:36What do iPSCs, nano-medicine, 3D printing, and artificial intelligence have to do with management of dry eye disease? YIU S
 14:48Corneal staining as a single clinically meaningful outcome measure in dry eye YIU S