American Uveitis Society : Intermediate uveitis: Presentation, probing, prescription & prognosis

American Uveitis Society
Thursday 14 November 2019, 14:50 - 16:05, Hall 3 - 301a (500)
Jennifer THORNE, Justine SMITH
 14:50Clinical Features of Intermediate Uveitis: symptoms, signs and classification LOBO AM
 15:02The places you'll go with intermediate uveitis: sometimes it's more than just the vitreous GONZALES J
 15:14Local therapy for intermediate uveitis: when, why, how? GOLDSTEIN D
 15:26Systemic treatment for intermediate uveitis KEMPEN JH
 15:38Surgery for intermediate uveitis DAVIS JL
 15:50Outcomes of intermediate uveitis THORNE JE