Uveitis Society of India: Ocular Tuberculosis: Myths and facts

Uveitis Society of India
Saturday 16 November 2019, 11:15 - 12:30, Hall 3 - 301a (500)
Vishali GUPTA, Kalpana BABU
 11:15Tuberculosis & Sarcoid: two ends of a spectrum? BABU K
 11:27Eales disease and TB Vasculitis: is it the same disease? BISWAS J
 11:39What does Mycobacterium tuberculosis do in TB uveitis ? BASU S
 11:51Proteomics of TB Uveitis BANSAL R
 12:03TB Uveitis: When to treat? SRIDHARAN S
 12:15TB Scleritis: Dos and Dont’s MURTHY S