19 - American Uveitis Society: Diagnostic and Therapeutic Surgical Approaches in Uveitis.

Session organized by: American Uveitis Society
Saturday 4 December 2021, 13:00 - 14:00, Room 1
Nisha ACHARYA, Russell READ
 13:00Obtaining a Sample: Diagnostic Vitrectomy in Unknown Uveitis SHAKOOR A
 13:07Molecular Diagnostics of Ocular Samples: PCR HASSMAN L
 13:14Molecular Diagnostics of Ocular Samples: Metagenomic Deep Sequencing DOAN T
 13:21Histopathology of Ocular Samples for Uveitis Diagnosis RAO N
 13:28Therapeutic Vitrectomy for Uveitis SHARMA S
 13:35Anterior Segment Surgery in Uveitis KOREISHI A
 13:42Q & A
 13:45End of Session