29 - Foster Ocular Immunology Society: Current Concepts in Surrogate Markers of Ocular Inflammation

Session organized by: Foster Ocular Immunology Society (FOIS)
Saturday 4 December 2021, 16:00 - 17:00, Room 2
Esen AKPEK, Quan Dong NGUYEN, David CHU
 16:00Ocular Proteomics in Uveitis HINKLE D
 16:07Surrogate Inflammatory Markers in Tear Film SANGWAN V
 16:14How Biomarkers for Dry Eye Disease Can Help Clinicians CALONGE M
 16:21Quantitative imaging biomarkers of activity in posterior uveitis AGARWAL A
 16:28Anti - TNF inhibitors antibodies: Clinical significance and management GHORABA H
 16:35Monitoring Viral PCR for Treatment of Viral Retinitis SHAH R
 16:42Q & A
 16:45End of Session