41 - AMD and Non-uveitic CNV:

IOIS Section: AMD and Non-uveitic CNV
IOIS section session
Sunday 5 December 2021, 11:00 - 12:00, Room 2
Quan Dong NGUYEN, Giuseppe QUERQUES
 11:00Inflammasomes: Mechanism of Action and Role in the Pathogenesis of and Therapeutics for AMD OR C
 11:10Deep Learning-Based Classification of Retinal Atrophy Using Autofluorescence Imaging SOUIED E
 11:20Association of Oral Montelukast with Reduced Risk of Neovascular Age-related Macular degeneration MATSUMIYA W
 11:30OCT Predictors of Three-year Visual Outcome for Type 3 Macular Neovascularization BANDELLO F
 11:40Inflammation following Treatment of Age-related Macular Degeneration KOZAK I
 11:50Panel Questions (Giuseppe Querques , Quan Dong Nguyen and All Faculty Members)