36 - ENDOPHTHALMITIS AND OTHER OCULAR INFECTIONS: Changing paradigm in the diagnosis and management of endophthalmitis and ocular infections

IOIS Section: Endophthalmitis and Other Ocular Infections
IOIS section session
Sunday 5 December 2021, 09:00 - 10:00, Room 3
Narsing RAO, Timothy LAI
 09:00Updates in the diagnostic approach for endophthalmitis and ocular infections LOBO AM
 09:07Updates in endogenous endophthalmitis LAI T
 09:14Endophthalmitis in COVID-19 patients MAHENDRADAS P
 09:21Updates in the management of post-operative endophthalmitis GRZYBOWSKI A
 09:28Prognostic factors of bacterial endophthalmitis HWANG DK
 09:35Masquerade syndromes in endophthalmitis ROJANAPORN D
 09:42Q & A
 09:45End of Session