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TitleAnterior Segment Optical Coherence Tomography: a non-invasive reliable tool in Evaluating Therapeutic response
PurposeTo investigate the utility Anterior Segment Optical Coherence Tomography (AS-OCT) as a tool to evaluate and quantify therapeutic response in the management of active anterior scleritis.
MethodsIn this prospective observatonal study 18 patients diagnosed with scleritis underwent AS-OCT at presentation one week and one month after starting treatment. The images were analyzed to determine the percentage reduction in thickness over the follow-up
ResultsMajority (14/18 77.7%) were nodular scleritis. 4/18 had systemic association (3 had rheumatoid arthritis and 1 positivity for c- ANCA). All patients were started on oral and topical steroids and 6 patients received additional immuno-modulator therapy. The mean scleral thickness prior to treatment was 1.3±0.322mm (range 0.86–1.85 mm which decreased by 14.5% (1.2± 0.298mm) at one week and 30.8% (0.906 ±0.114mm) at one month (p<0.01). Intrascleral edema (linear slit-like hyporeflective spaces) and dilated episcleral vessels also showed decrease at one month. One patient did not show reduction in edema at one month
ConclusionThis is the first study to describe AS-OCT as a quantifying tool to assess treatment response in anterior scleritis. Further studies with larger sample size and longer follow-up is necessary to validate these findings
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