Free Paper Session I: Diagnosis and Monitoring

Diagnosis and Monitoring
Free papers
Wednesday 13 November 2019, 14:00 - 15:15, Hall 1 - 304a (200)
Francesco PICHI, Hsi-Kung KUO
 14:00A swept-source optical coherence tomography angiography study of choroidal granulomas PICHI F, NERI P, INVERNIZZI A
 14:10Vertical hyperreflective lesions. An OCT finding in vitreoretinal lymphoma. DEáK GG, JAMPOL LM, GOLDSTEIN DA
 14:20Objective evaluation of the intraocular inflammation using Swept-Source Optical coherence tomography SAINZ DE LA MAZA M, SERRANO A, ESQUINAS C, MONTASELL A, GASCON J, MESQUIDA M, ADAN A, LLORENS V
 14:30Anterior Segment Optical Coherence Tomography: a non-invasive reliable tool in Evaluating Therapeutic response MURTHY S, LOOMBA A, RANJAN R
 14:40Ultrasound biomicroscopy as a tool in the management of uveitic complicated cataracts PRADEEP S, SUSVAR P, GANESH SK
 14:50Comparison of morphological pattern of uveitic macular edema and diabetic macular edema on SS OCT GEORGE A, PRASAD J
 15:00Clinicopathological, immunohistochemistry and molecular biologic correlation in uveitis & scleritis BISWAS J, DAS D, JANANI M K, PATNAIK G, KRISHNAKUMAR S