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TitleStandardization of nomenclature for ocular tuberculosis
PurposeTo standardize a nomenclature system for defining clinical phenotypes, and outcome measures for reporting clinical and research data in patients with ocular tuberculosis (OTB).
MethodsUveitis experts who are part of the Collaborative Ocular Tuberculosis Study (COTS) group, International Uveitis Study Group (IUSG), and International Ocular Inflammation Society (IOIS) initially administered and further deliberated the survey in an open meeting to determine and propose the preferred nomenclature for terms related to the disease, terms describing the clinical phenotypes, treatment and reporting outcomes, and certain terms from the literature that need clarification.
ResultsThe group of experts reached a consensus on terming uveitis attributable to tuberculosis (TB) as tubercular uveitis, avoiding the use of TB “associated” uveitis in order to highlight a stronger cause-and-effect relationship desired by our pulmonology and infectious disease colleagues. The working group introduced a SUN-compatible nomenclature that also defines disease “remission” and “cure”, both of which are relevant for reporting treatment outcomes.
ConclusionA consensus nomenclature system has been adopted by a large group of international uveitis experts for OTB. The working group recommends use of standardized nomenclature to prevent ambiguity in communication and to achieve the goal of spreading awareness of this blinding uveitis entity.
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