Free Paper Session III: Infectious Disease I

Infectious Disease I
Free papers
Wednesday 13 November 2019, 17:10 - 18:25, Hall 1 - 304a (200)
 17:10Postoperative Mycobacteroides abscessus endophthalmitis HUNG JH, KO WC, CHEN PL, HUANG EJC
 17:20Ocular toxoplasmosis in Taiwan: a long-term multicenter retrospective study LAI YJ, CHAN WC
 17:30Consensus Guidelines for Initiating Anti-Tubercular Therapy in Tubercular Choroiditis TESTI I, AGRAWAL R, MAHAJAN S, AGARWAL A, KEMPEN JH, DOUGLAS AJ, SMITH JR, NGUYEN QD, PAVESIO C, GUPTA V
 17:40Mycobacterial seeding of eye from extrapulmonary organs in a zebrafish model of ocular TB BASU S, DAMERA SK, MITRA S
 17:50Intraocular Tuberculosis in Taiwan, a Long-Term Multicenter Retrospective Study LIN CJ, HSIA NY
 18:00Standardization of nomenclature for ocular tuberculosis AGRAWAL R, AGARWAL A, JABS D, TESTI I, MAHAJAN S, KEE Aera, MCCLUSKEY P, KEMPEN J, NGUYEN QD, GUPTA V
 18:10Infectious scleritis – Case series in Indian population AGARWAL M, BISWAS J