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Title Report of Sankara Nethralaya Tubercular Uveitis (SANTU ) study
PurposeTo identify the clinical characteristics and visual outcome in patients with tubercular uveitis
presenting to a tertiary eye care centre in south India.
MethodsA prospective study was carried out in a uveitis clinic of a tertiary care centre in South India from
May 2018 to March 2019. Patients with predictive ocular signs and positive laboratory investigations
for tuberculosis were enrolled in the study. Patients suspected to have a non tubercular etiology
were excluded. All patients were started on antitubercular therapy for a period of nine months after
complete systemic evaluation by a chest physician
Results Eighty five patients (128 eyes) were included in the study. Male predominance (57 patients, 67%)
was noted with mean age of 37 ± 13 years. Posterior uveitis (66 eyes,52%) was the commonest
presentation followed by intermediate uveitis (42 eyes,33%), panuveitis (13eyes,10%) and anterior
uveitis (7 eyes, 5%) . Among posterior uveitis, serpiginous like choroiditis followed by retinal
vasculitis was the commonest presentation. Most common anterior segment sign predictive of
tuberculosis was mutton fat keratic precipitate followed by broad based posterior synechiae.

ConclusionSerpignous like choroiditis was the commonest presentation of tubercular uveitis noted in our
patients. A nine month course of anti-tubercular therapy is found to be beneficial for patients with
tubercular uveitis.
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