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TitleBilateral Cytomegalovirus retinitis in Non-HIV Patient: a Case Report
PurposeCytomegalovirus (CMV) retinitis in non-HIV patient is rarely reported until now.
MethodsWe describe a rare case of bilateral CMV retinitis with emphasis on its clinical, laboratory, and fundus examination.
ResultsA female patient come to our hospital with chief complaint sudden blurred vision of the right eye since three weeks ago. Fundus examination of the right eye has shown retinal exudates and intraretinal hemorrhages in vascular arcades peripapillary and laboratory findings shows low CD4/CD8 ratio. We found that the history of thymectomy in adult patients is associated with the occurrence of CMV retinitis. In this case report, the fundus photopraphy of both eyes are reviewed.
ConclusionThis case reveals the wide clinical spectrum of CMV retinitis in non-HIV patients, especially adult patients who have done thymectomy. We suggests physicians should early diagnose and initiate treatment as early as possible to prevent the patient from experiencing blindness.
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