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TitleTwo-year outcomes of Tenon's capsule retractor-assisted trabeculectomy for uveitic glaucoma
PurposeTo evaluate the 2-year outcomes of trabeculectomy assisted by a novel device, Tenon's capsule retractor (TCR), for uveitic glaucoma.
MethodsWe retrospectively reviewed 14 consecutive cases of uveitic glaucoma that had undergone TCR-assisted trabeculectomy and had been followed up for more than 2 years. During this surgery, a TCR was used to insert mitomycin C-soaked sponges into the deeply posterior sub-Tenon’s space, a posterior edge of a scleral flap was not secured, and a 3 mm  6 mm blocking suture was placed over the limbal extreme of conjunctival incision. The outcomes assessed were changes in intraocular pressure (IOP) and the number of anti-glaucoma eye drops from baseline to 2 years, surgical success defined by IOP ranging 5-20mmHg and >20% IOP reduction from baseline, and complications.
ResultsAll eyes demonstrated flat bleb after surgery, and mean IOP significantly decreased from 34.9 mmHg at baseline to 19.1 mmHg at 2 years (P<0.001). Mean number of anti-glaucoma eye drops also showed a significant decrease from 3.5 at baseline to 1.4 at 2 years (P<0.001). Surgical success was attained in 64% of eyes. The reasons for surgical failure were IOP rise secondary to sustained and/or recurrence of severe intraocular inflammation. Postoperative complications occurred after postoperative 1 month included pupillary membrane formation, transient hypotony, and posterior synechiae formation.
ConclusionTwo-year outcomes of TCR-assisted trabeculectomy for uveitic glaucoma would be satisfactory if postoperative severe inflammation was well managed.
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Details of conflicting interestsSK is the inventor of the patent on Tenon's capsule retractor.
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