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TitleRubella Virus-associated uveitis (RVAU): clinic and complications
PurposeTo describe the clinical findings of patients (PTs) positive for RV in aqueous humor analysis
MethodsRetrospective study including PTs diagnosed with RVAU between May 2018-June 2021. Demographic, ophthalmological variables and the dates of microbiological diagnosis, first and last visit, were collected
ResultsFifteen PTs, 17 eyes were included. Mean age at first visit was 48±13 years, all were Caucasian, 9 males (60%), 53% (9/17) were intermediate uveitis (IU) and the rest iridocyclitis (IC). All of them had: chronic course, diffuse keratic precipitates, diffuse iris atrophy, anterior tyndall ≤ 0.5+ and vitreous ≥ 0.5+ (≥ 1+ in 29.4%: 5 /17). Heterochromia was present in 69.2% (9/13), iris nodules in 59% (10/17), chorioretinal scars in 41% (7/17), and hyphema after diagnostic paracentesis in 35.3% (6/17). After a median follow-up of 7.37 (ICR 9.68) years, 14 eyes (82.3%) maintained the visual acuity (VA) (mean 0.67±0.37) ≥ than baseline (mean 0.5±0.38). The median time interval from first visit to microbiological diagnosis was 7.19 (ICR 9.43) years. All had cataracts, 12/15 (80%) underwent surgery and were, together with persistent vitreous opacities 3/17 (17.6%), the causes of reversible VA reduction, 35.3% (6/17) had ocular hypertension and 11.7% required filtering surgery. Two PTs had been treated with long-term immunosuppressive therapy
ConclusionIn our series, RVAU behaves as a low-grade UI or IC, predominantly unilateral, in middle-aged patients, with iris, vitreous and cataract involvement, manifestations similar Fuchs uveitis syndrome
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