6 - Free Papers II - Non-Infectious Uveitis

Free Papers II - Non-Infectious Uveitis
Free papers
Friday 3 December 2021, 14:00 - 15:00, Room 3
 14:00Effect of anti-TNF treatment on Mooren’s ulcer PLEYER Uwe, XIA Anni, DIETRICH-NTOUKAS Tina
 14:05Evaluation of serum angiotensin converting enzyme and lymphopenia in presumed sarcoid uveitis BISWAS J, ELANGO N, BAVASKAR S, ANGAYARKANNI N
 14:10Idiopathic MFC and PIC: an evaluation in pregnancy OSSEWAARDE-VAN NOREL J, DE GROOT EL, BLOEMENKAMP KWM, VAN HUET RAC, DE BOER JH
 14:15Improved Clinical Outcomes In Patients With Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis Associated Uveitis WENNINK R.W., KALININA AYUSO V., PAMEIJER E.M., DEKKERS C.C., BOZKIR I., DE BOER J.H.
 14:20Peripheral blood transcriptome in ocular sarcoidosis GONZALES J. A, TAKHAR J., JOYE A., ACHARYA N.R., DOAN T.A.
 14:25Risk of inflammatory bowel disease in uveitis patients: A population-based study CHEN YY
 14:30The efficacy of adalimumab in treating patients with central multifocal choroiditis DE GROOT E.L., OSSEWAARDE-VAN NOREL J., HO L., TEN DAM-VAN LOON N.H., DE BOER J.H.
 14:35Q & A
 14:45End of Session