18 - Free Papers III - Complications of Uveitis

Free Papers III - Complications of Uveitis
Free papers
Saturday 4 December 2021, 09:00 - 10:00, Room 3
Russell READ
 09:00A small case series of the development of uveitis in dupilumab-treated atopic dermatitis patients VAN LUIJK CM, ACHTEN R, DE BRUIN-WELLER M, DE BOER J
 09:05Anti-TNF-α versus tocilizumab in the treatment of refractory uveitic macular edema LECLERCQ M, ANDRILLON A, BODAGHI B, SAADOUN D, ON BEHALF OF THE BIOVAS STUDY GROUP B
 09:10Long-term results of Ahmed valve implantation in refractory pediatric uveitic glaucoma DENISOVA E, KATARGINA L, IBAID B, KHRABROVA M
 09:15Ocular complications in children with idiopathic chronic anterior uveitis KOUWENBERG CV, SHAHABI M, DE BOER JH, KOOPMAN-KALININA AYUSO V
 09:20Paediatric uveitic glaucoma and cataract in the time of biologic therapy ZAGORA SL, KARACONJI TK, MCCLUSKEY PJ, GRIGG J
 09:25Rho kinase inhibitor, ripasudil reduced intraocular pressure and Medication-score for uveitic glaucoma: two-year outcome YANAI R, UCHI S-H, KOBAYASHI M, NAGAI T, TERANISHI S, WAKUTA M, KIMURA K
 09:30The relationship between non-cystic perifoveal thickening on optical coherence tomography and retinal vasculitis EBRAHIMIADIB Naza
 09:35Q & A
 09:45End of Session