3 - Free Papers I - Infectious Uveitis

Free Papers I - Infectious Uveitis
Free papers
Friday 3 December 2021, 13:00 - 14:00, Room 3
Kalpana BABU, Thomas ALBINI
 13:00Anti-Tubercular Therapy in the Treatment of Tubercular Uveitis AGRAWAL R, BETZLER BK, PUTERA I, TESTI I, LA DISTIA NORA R, KEMPEN J, PAVESIO C, GUPTA V
 13:05Automated lesion segmentation and quantification for prediction of paradoxical worsening in patients with Tubercular serpiginous-like choroiditis DANGI M, KALRA G, AGARWAL A, MARCHESE A, BANSAL R, GUPTA V
 13:10Clinical profile and treatment outcomes in presumed tubercular serpiginoid choroiditis (SC) at a tertiary eye hospital in South India MURUGAN BALA, MANAVI S, ROSHNI M
 13:15Differential cytokine responses from intraocular T-cells between ocular TB and indeterminate uveitis, in uveitis patients with positive tuberculin skin test BASU S, SHARMA G
 13:20Incidence and characteristics of endogenous endophthalmitis and chorioretinitis in patients with hematogenous infection GARCIA MM, WOLFENSON K, BOIETTI B, SEGRETIN EFE
 13:25Ocular manifestations associated with COVID-19 vaccination MAHENDRADAS PM, SANJAY S, KAWALI A, MISHRA SB, VENKATESH R, SHETTY R, SHETTY B
 13:30Outcome of anti-tubercular therapy with adjunctive use of systemic corticosteroids in patients with tuberculous anterior scleritis. AFRIN Maf, DAS Raja
 13:35Q & A
 13:45End Of Session