21 - Free Papers IV - Potpourri

Free Papers IV - Potpourri
Free papers
Saturday 4 December 2021, 13:00 - 14:00, Room 3
Luz Elena CONCHA DEL RIO, Annabelle OKADA
 13:00A Transcriptional-Network in Blood Dendritic Cells Links a Cytokine-Secreting CD36+CX3CR1+CD1C+ subset to Autoimmunity in the Eye KUIPER JJW, HIDDINGH S, PANDIT A, VERHAGEN FH, RIJKEN R, SERVAAS NH, WICHERS CGK, TEN DAM-VAN LOON NH, RADSTAKE TRDJ, DE BOER JH
 13:05Anatomic and functional prognosis of vitreoretinal surgery in non-exudative uveitic retinal detachment MAINGUY A, WEBER M, BODAGHI B, TOUHAMI S
 13:10Changes in practice pattern of uveitis during COVID-19 pandemic EMAMI P, VU A, KODATI S, LIN P, BODAGHI B
 13:15Chronic Kidney Disease as a Potential Risk Factor for Uveitis: A 13-Year Nationwide Population-Based Cohort Study in Taiwan LIN CJ, TIEN PT, LAI CT, HSIA NY, CHANG CH, BAIR H, CHEN HS, YANG YC, LIN JM, TSAI YY
 13:20Grading vitreous inflammation using ultra-wide field imaging in uveitis patients TOUHAMI S, FALCIONE A, TOUATI M, STANESCU-SEGALL D, MHIBIK B, BODAGHI B
 13:25High resolution imaging of ocular inflammation by flood illumination adaptive optics ophthalmoscopy: a comparison with Multimodal Retinal Imaging ERRERA MH, KEDIA N, SNYDER V, DANSINGANI KK, AHMAD I, THOMPSON A, SATCHO E, CHHABLANI J, PAQUES M, ROSSI E
 13:30Metabolic profiling of blood samples with non-infectious uveitis SUGAWARA R, USUI Y, ASAKAGE M, YAMAKAWA N, GOTO H
 13:35 Subretinal Hyper-reflective Material in Posterior Uveitis ARORA ATUL, AGARWAL A, BANSAL R, KATOCH D, GUPTA V
 13:40Q & A
 13:45End of Session